via POLITICO: Clinton named Al-Qaeda Yemen as terror group a month ago – Josh Gerstein – Clinton named Al-Qaeda Yemen as terror group a month ago.

What is going on over at the White House.  Hillary declared the terrorist group Al-Queda Yemen as terrorist group days before the attempted terror attack that failed on Christmas day.

Why is the Press just finding this out and why is the National Security advisors not doing their jobs.  What about homeland security?  Why is the Obama administration failing because Hillary and Gates seem to be the only ones capable of doing their jobs.


Travis Smiley recently shadowed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for his PBS special about the woman who will be the first female elected President of the USA. 

He is surprised that she likes FOX news but every supporter knows that she watches FOX because they were fair to her during the Primarys.   I think its funny that she forces the entire press corps to watch the dreaded FOX.   This also explains her willingness to be interviewed by Hannity and others who are not friendly to her cause.

Travis was impressed with her because despite the toughness of her job she has proven herself to be not only of being able to do this tough job but to excell at it. 

I look forward to watching this special and I am sure my admiration for Secretary Clinton will only grow.

Clinton backstabber #472 goes down in flames: Chris Dodd forced out

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Napolitano on the hot seat, again – Jen DiMascio –

It looks like another Clinton hater is going to lose her job.  Janet Napolitano is about to be thrown under that huge bus of Obama’s because she is incompetent and in a job that is clearly over her head.

 I wonder what she was thinking when it took her so long to make a statement after a failed terriorist attack.  How come she couldn’t explain how this nut job got on an airplane headed for this Country.  I really want to know this and thank God for the brave passengers on that flight.

2009 Chickens and Their 2010 Roost.

Obama and his foolish plan to make the USA look better in the eyes of the rest of the world is making us not only look weak but also foolish.  Obama wants to reach out to leaders of Iran, Venzuelua, and Russia when they are not our friends.  They do not care that he ran on the whole hope and change thing they see him as being weak.

There has been two terriorist attacks and both of them took days for the Commander and chief to respond. Obama was more worried about playing golf then in informing the American people about the attack on Christmas day.  Does he think these people want to play patty cake.

Obama hasn’t done much of anything since he has been in office.  Its like he is afraid to offend someone so he ends up offending us all.

I see 2010 as waking him up because he is going to have a GOP house and senate to deal with.  There will be no more unpopular health care plans being passed into law.

How the Public Graded Obama – Real Clear Politics –

This is a lot closer then what Mr Ego gave himself.  He hasn’t done anything the entire year he was in office.  He couldn’t get anything done because he is an empty suit who can’t even give a speech without a teleprompter.  He deserves an F and when he does actually get off his lazy butt and do something then perhaps then America will give him higher grades.

1st woman takes charge of Army’s drill sergeants – WBTV 3 News, Weather, Sports, and Traffic for Charlotte, NC-

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A woman is now in charge of the Army’s drill sergeants in the Army.
You go Girl.