July 2008


This poll shows that McCain gained six points in a month to narrow the lead by 6 points. This is a nightmare for Obama because PA is one of the most important states in the GE because it can go either way.

Perhaps Obama shouldn’t have insulted the people of PA by calling them gun toting, church going racists. After he lost PA he called this state racist. I am sure on November 5, 2008 when Senator Obama realizes that not only is he not going to be president he may not even be able to hold his seat. He will then be sorry for all the time he played the race card or insulted people.


This post is for you women who feel the desire to tell me I didn’t do my research. I can assure you I have done more research then you traitors. I do not care if you vote for the sexist Obama but do not comment on my blog because you have no voice here. You don’t like it to bad. I think any woman who supports Obama is not only a fool but an idiot who needs her head examined. I suggest, Sweetie, that you spread your propaganda somewhere else you have enough places to blog. I do not want to hear from women who prefer to stay with their abuser then to leave. I know you didn’t do your research because guess what Obama pays his women staffers way less then his male staffers and doesn’t hire them. Obama feels that women are not competent enough to hold cabinet positions. Obama believes that mental distress is not a good enough reason to get an abortion. Obama believes that women should get permission from their pastors, husbands, brothers and any other male in the family.

McCain pays his female staffers more then he pays his male staffers and hires more of them. McCain believes abortion should be states rights. McCain doesn’t follow his wife on job interviews to approve her choice. McCain defended Hillary when Obama the snake wouldn’t. So do your own research but do not comment on my blog because it will be deleted.


It seems as though Obama bought himself an Primary. Whatever Super delegate he couldn’t buy he blackmailed. This man is a nut job who needs to be sent back to Chicago and spend some time in a Mental Hospital. He most definitely needs to go back on his meds. Perhaps I may suggest a group home for him. He is really delusional. He couldn’t even win the Primary.  The Republicans are waiting until after the convention when they are going to start attacking away. I usually groan but not this year. I think McCain is going to end up landsliding. Obama may have to pay his supporters and the Super delegates but Hillary’s bloggers do it for free. We are loyalty. Obama has no loyal supporters.


This article is about the fact that women over 40 are not voting for Obama as they normally would. McCain is winning among those women. He is going to pull in larger numbers by the time this campaign ends.

The author thinks that putting Hillary on the ticket helps and it may but it would probably not help much. Women vote the top of the ticket not the bottom and Obama hasn’t addressed his own sexism. He also never apologised to Hillary and Bill and until he does and he means it this woman will never vote for him.

NOOBAMA radio reported that that the Obama campaign has threatened to reveal Edwards affair and baby to the press if he didn’t endorse Obama. There have been other threats made by both the DNC and the Obama campaign. Shelia Jackson Lee’s life was threatened. The DNC threatened jobs of people who didn’t endorse Obama. We have to stop this man and if we can’t get Hillary we will need to vote for McCain. We cannot let these people anywhere near the White House. We have to also take down ticket dems out so that they will be to afraid to vote against Hillary at the convention. Perhaps we can frighten them into doing the same thing.

I read this on http://noquarterusa.net. Michelle Obama is trying to get Hillary’s female supporters by making nice comments about Hillary expecting us to forget all the nasty things she said about Hillary during the Primary. Now I do not know about you but I hate Michelle Obama the woman is a disgrace. She allows her children to attend a racist church. She allows her husband to make her sexist remarks and says nothing. I know he probably smacks her around just a little to show her who is boss. I have always had that suspicion that she was a battered woman but her needing to have his approval before accepting a job is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I am sure that I will not be voting for him. Hell he can’t even keep his own family together so how is he going to keep the white house together. Not that we are going to find out because Obama is not going anywhere near the white House. He wants and is promising black people reparations and this needs to be exploited and leaked out. He also keeps threatening riots. I would love to see the useless middle and upper class black people who lost their soul a long time ago riot that would be real funny they do not have the anger to riot and never will.

So go ahead Michelle Obama keep trying to get us but perhaps you should become a woman before you preach to me. I have no respect for you. I have more respect for the Republican wife then I do the Democrat.


This is an excellent letter written to the auditor of the DNC. He must have asked her why she wasn’t getting on board and she wrote him a very good letter. She basically said that Obama has terrible judgement because of the friends and associates he hung out in Chicago. She also didn’t care for the way his campaign did things like the caucuses. She said that she met with McCain and he was very respectful to Carly saying she was the expert. She gave a glowing report on McCain but really told the truth about Obama. She basically said NO DEAL. I am proud of her.

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