This is to let the Obama campaign and any organization that is working on behalf of Senator Obama. I am not afraid of you or your threats. I will not allow anyone to step on my property again.

During the PA Primary I was subjected to what was tantamount to a terrorist harassment. I live in an African American neighborhood and have had my Hillary signs up for a long time no one touched my sign because it is not something we do. The Obama campaign took over my community around the first week of April and I spent most of my time putting Hillary signs back up. One day some campaign volunteer decided to take it upon herself or follow her training and she took down my Hillary sign. I told her to put it back up and she said it was Obama’s neighborhood and I corrected her and told her it was my neighborhood and for her to put my sign back up. She did.  Another time they paid a group of neighborhood kids to stand outside my house and call me and Hillary “W***es.” This kind of treatment made me decide to vote for McCain if Hillary was not the nominee.

On June 3,2008 the day PUMA formed I became a member and made signs to put up on my Hillary signs. They stated that I was NOOMBA. No one in my neighborhood said anything because they witnessed and were so turned off by the Obama campaign’s treatment of me that they stayed home on April22, 2008. They thought I would be a fool to vote for anyone who allowed their campaign behave that way.

I began getting threatening emails and also emails that called me racist or race traitor depending on what race the sender thought I was. I notified the FBI and forwarded all emails. The phone calls started soon after that. All of them were threatening. Sometimes they threatened my life or the life of my cats. They never threatened my children and for that I can be thankful. On July 8,2008 I received a phone call another death threat after they threatened to kill me they said “We’re going to show you what happens to people who disagree with Obama.”  A little bit later within a half of an hour my son came in yelling fire. Someone set my tree on fire. I called the police and they ruled it an arson. They were told about the phone calls and notified the Allegheny County Police.

I do not know why the Obama campaign thinks it’s a good idea to threaten people but I am very hard to scare. You see Senator Obama I have had to survive a lot of things including life in the “hood”. I have been shot and stabbed. I have survived Obesity and Cancer and still I am here. I will gladly give up my life for Democracy. I know that the Republicans have never treated me so bad. Perhaps Dean and company should read this and understand that I own my vote. I will defend myself by any means necessary.