Phil Gramm stepped down as Co-Chair of McCain’s campaign because he called the nation a bunch of whiners. I am sorry but I actually agree with Phil. We have a Presidential candidate and his supporters who all they do is whine whine whine. That would be Obama and his crybaby whiners.

I am sorry that Americans have become such whiners that a man is forced to step down from his job on a campaign because God forbid we can’t stand to be told we are whiners. Why isn’t anyone calling on Obama to step down since he likes to call Americans ignorant and racist.

I know that I am going to be called Republican again but so what? I am sick of the Democrats, no one called me a Republican plant when I was knocking on doors and making phone calls for losers.

Its time for America to stop whining and do the right thing. I am tired of the Media making such a big deal out of this kind of petty stuff. They will do this to McCain like they did it to Hillary and this time I ain’t buying and neither will the American people.