The media is addressing concerns that they are biased against John McCain because they are all overseas covering the false one’s trip. The Media insists that they are not bias for Obama but I know they are lying.  The media has been in the tank for Obama since the beginning.

I am sick of the media picking the president. They picked Bush and that was a terrible choice. Obama makes Bush look like America’s best president. Bush isn’t racist and sexist and doesn’t go out of his way to divide people like the Democrat selectee.

Republicans have always been the victim of media bias. That is the reason why Fox was created because the MSM ignored Republican voices. I have to give credit for Fox because they actually are true to their mission and gave a voice to Hillary Clinton who was the victim of bias. I will always watch Fox now and even when I do not agree with them I will always respect them. The MSM lost a very loyal viewer because of media bias. Fox gained a new viewer because of the voice it gives all the candidates.