MSNBC reported that Obama has chosen his VP and they implied that it is going to be Hillary. I believe that this is a plot concocted by the media and the Obama camp and the DNC to keep her name off the roll call list. I think that Hillary would be foolish to take this. I am sorry but I will no more vote for an Obama/Clinton then I would vote for Obama/any other person. I will not vote for Obama who I believe has Mental Health issues.

I am not voting for him because he is a sexist and a racist. I am tired of all of his divisivness. He and his wife are not proud to be Americans in fact it seems that Obama likes to criticize America. This is not the type of man I think would make a good President. Hillary being on that ticket will not change my mind besides that would allow her to do all the work while his lazy ass sits around and does nothing.

Hillary we love you and we will wait four years for you but we will not vote for Obama no matter who is on the ticket.  There will be no history this year because Obama is an idiot and does not deserve to be President. I also feel as though since they used his race to knock her out of the race I feel that since we didn’t elect a woman why should we elect an African American. I do not think we should since he is an anti America racist. I am not proud of Obama because of his actions. I will never be proud of what he did and I will be happy when he loses as I feel he will be horrible for this Country. The DNC went out of its way to pick the most disgusting black man they could find and then try to shove him down our throats. I am tired of all the threats of violence as well as actual violence. I believe the perpetrators of the majority of these threats are coming from Whites expecially the young.