This is a very good story about Politicians being the butt of jokes and that its ok to make fun of Obama as he is a politician and that it is not racist.

It has been common this Primary season to label people racist for things like disagreeing with Obama or talking about his ears. Well I am black and I call him Dumbo ears. That is not racist–the man does have Dumbo ears. He looks like he is going to fly through the air.

Racism is very serious and disagreeing with a black person is not racist its just disagreeing. Racism is not making fun of a black politician as politicians are made the butt of jokes by comedians and everyday people. Was it sexist when they made fun of Hillary’s cackle? No?

Senator Obama and his campaign has to realize that the reason he lost my vote is because of his inappropriate use of the Race card. I find that was deplorable and the media should have stopped him instead they encourgaged him. Senator Obama I have problems with your judgement if you think the things you accused the Clintons of were racist your not going to have the judgement of what real racism is. I know he grew up in a white home and this has caused him to be confused but that doesn’t excuse trying to destroy someones career. I also believe he was lying about all that stuff since the man wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in the butt.