C-Span 2 broadcast the Senate debate on gas prices. Senator Hillary Clinton spoke about gas prices. I think she did a wonderful job. She is just so smart and knows the issues well. The gas prices are to high and we need relief now. I don’t understand why we do not want to deal with issues in this Country I don’t need hope and change I need problem solving. She said tonight “Americans are not ones to run from our problems– that is not us we like solve problems.” That is so true–Americans like to solve problems.

I am so proud of Senator Hillary Clinton she was so Presidential tonight. I cannot believe the DNC has hijacked the party. Donna Brizille, Howard Dean, and Nancy Palosi have told us we were not wanted in the New Democrat Party we were not young and Urban. Now they think we are children and tell us things like shut up and donate to Obama without preconditions. They think we want Hillary as VP we do not. Most of us would prefer for her to stay away from Obama. He would only kill her career. Second I am an adult, in fact I am a grandmother so I think I am at the age of 44 old enough to make up my mind about whom I wish to vote for. Since the Democrats told me to stay home I decided to support McCain. Stop your bitching DNC because we didn’t leave the party you left us. Excuse us if we vote Republican for President and for down ticket. Nancy you have a Republican challenger you won’t have time to lie and cheat the American people you will be fighting for your political life. John Kerry you have a Primary in Sept and we are not backing you but Ed O’Reiley. He is getting us working his phone bank. We will travel to take your job away from you. Let’s see there is Patrick Murphy from PA. Note to DNC we will never forget this election and what the DNC allowed to happen to other Democrats. Then you try to preach UNITY. There can be no UNITY after you spent six months attacking us and now you want us back. You didn’t think we would leave. This is bigger then Hillary now it is about all of us. This is our Country and we should be allowed to vote for whom we want and we will.