Chris Matthews the sexist commenter on MSNBC who hates Hillary and was one of the people who were the most sexist. He is really obnoxious. He was browbeating the McCain advisor for reaching out to Hillary supporters.

Chris is so obnoxious because he thinks we will get mad at McCain because McCain called Obama’s health care plan Hillary Care. This coming from a man who said Hillary became a Senator because her husband cheated on her. He thinks we are going to go to Obama because McCain insulted Hillary’s health care plan. This despite the fact that an Obama fundraiser called Hillary a “f**king wh**e. So comparing these two examples of how these two men treat women who should we chose. Also McCain pays his female staffers more then he pays his males and he hires more of them. HUMMMM who is worst for women?

Chris, you big head fool, pull your head out of Obama’s ass and face facts no one likes your crush. Go wash your head and prepare to cry on Election day when Obama is the biggest loser in history.