This story is excellent and if the Obama Campaign wants to win this election in November they need to listen to this but they are so obnoxious and arrogant that they will not read this story or work to get the voters.

The thing is that the Republicans will unite around McCain even if they do not like him because they do not like Obama. They will not stay home nor withhold their phone calls or money. The Democrats will not unite around Obama nor will they give their time or money to help him win because Obama refuses to listen to them. He has to many friends that have strange beliefs how do we know he does not share these views. There are to many unknowns. McCain is well known and his record is good. Democrats will have no problem voting for McCain and McCain knows that and so does Hillary.  Your young voters stating that McCain is to old does not help with the Seniors you need to elect you in November so this year the winner will be the Republican again.