Hillary Clinton supporters who are refusing to back Obama is protesting both online and in person they are protesting Obama’s appearances and also they are protesting Howard Dean and Donna Brizille.

The MSM is largely ignoring PUMA trying to paint a picture of Democratic Party Unity but Fox is not ignoring us and We PUMAS are not going anywhere until we are heard. If we continue to be ignored then we will have no choice but to vote Republicans until the Democrats come to their senses. I see a Republican victory in the fall unless the DNC smartens up. Its not a good idea to steal the election from one and then preach UNITY.

There is a choice in November and for me if it is between Obama and McCain then I am going for McCain. I at least know that McCain will actually work and not take a lot of vacations. I at least know that McCain will put his country first. So here is the key Super delegates do you want to keep your seat. Give your vote to Hillary and avoid an butt whipping in November for not only Obama but also the down tickets.