Dr. Howard Dean was giving a speech in Charlotte, South Carolina when he was greeted by protesters shouting that they own their vote and demanding that Hillary’s name be put in nomination like it would be if she were a man.

Dr. Dean tried to say that he thought that they were Democrats. He is delusional. He doesn’t think we are angry. He must be on drugs. I want to know what he is taken as anyone could see that we are angry. I am sure he recognized several of the Protesters. The people who are protesting are all Democrats and he knows it.  Howie also said he respected Hillary Clinton yeah right on what planet. He was one of the first who tried to get her out. He is a weak little man.

I cannot wait until he hits PA I will meet him here with my PUMA shirt and bracelet. I think its going to stun a lot of people because we are not going to accept BO.