Obama says that he wants a VP who will not be a yes man or woman but someone who will stand up to him. He says that there is a lot of work to do and they need to work hard. In other words the lazy Obama wants someone to do all the work while he takes all the credit.

The big ugly freak of nature then said Hillary was on his short list. Well Dumbo ears I hope she tells you NO like she did before. You think everyone loves you but they only come to see you because of free food and beer and of course rock concerts. Well ugly listen up I will not vote for your ugly ass no matter who is on the ticket. You are stupid and racist and sexist and your wife is also racist. I hope she likes being unemployed because after the Whitey tape comes out she is going to be out of a job. Did you think about that? YOU stole the party you and your commie friends. Well I wonder how those down tickets feel about you costing them seats. How popular of a Democrat will you be when you cost the biggest wipe out in history. YOU will get the blame even though its not your fault alone.

I was really offended when he complimented Bill and again begged for Bill to campaign for him well why would Bill do that. You called him a racist and you said he was a terrible president. He is not going to campaign for you and neither will Hillary. They are not going to help you. Nothing can help you because your not ready and you peaked and once the Republicans start hitting you then its all over.