I read this on http://noquarterusa.net. Michelle Obama is trying to get Hillary’s female supporters by making nice comments about Hillary expecting us to forget all the nasty things she said about Hillary during the Primary. Now I do not know about you but I hate Michelle Obama the woman is a disgrace. She allows her children to attend a racist church. She allows her husband to make her sexist remarks and says nothing. I know he probably smacks her around just a little to show her who is boss. I have always had that suspicion that she was a battered woman but her needing to have his approval before accepting a job is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I am sure that I will not be voting for him. Hell he can’t even keep his own family together so how is he going to keep the white house together. Not that we are going to find out because Obama is not going anywhere near the white House. He wants and is promising black people reparations and this needs to be exploited and leaked out. He also keeps threatening riots. I would love to see the useless middle and upper class black people who lost their soul a long time ago riot that would be real funny they do not have the anger to riot and never will.

So go ahead Michelle Obama keep trying to get us but perhaps you should become a woman before you preach to me. I have no respect for you. I have more respect for the Republican wife then I do the Democrat.