This post is for you women who feel the desire to tell me I didn’t do my research. I can assure you I have done more research then you traitors. I do not care if you vote for the sexist Obama but do not comment on my blog because you have no voice here. You don’t like it to bad. I think any woman who supports Obama is not only a fool but an idiot who needs her head examined. I suggest, Sweetie, that you spread your propaganda somewhere else you have enough places to blog. I do not want to hear from women who prefer to stay with their abuser then to leave. I know you didn’t do your research because guess what Obama pays his women staffers way less then his male staffers and doesn’t hire them. Obama feels that women are not competent enough to hold cabinet positions. Obama believes that mental distress is not a good enough reason to get an abortion. Obama believes that women should get permission from their pastors, husbands, brothers and any other male in the family.

McCain pays his female staffers more then he pays his male staffers and hires more of them. McCain believes abortion should be states rights. McCain doesn’t follow his wife on job interviews to approve her choice. McCain defended Hillary when Obama the snake wouldn’t. So do your own research but do not comment on my blog because it will be deleted.