This is a story about how PUMA and PUMA PAC formed. Its a positive article about how we are going to make sure that Hillary’s voice is heard at the convention. It also tells the reporter that some are going to vote for McCain and some are going to stay home and some are going to write Hillary’s name in. I am in favor of the vote McCain movement. I actually like McCain, even though I am a loyal Democrat or at least I was until May 31,2008. The day the DNC stole delegates from Clinton to give to that big idiot. I will never vote for him not now not in four years. The only good thing is this man will never become President. We are going to make sure the Republicans know that he is a thief and never fairly won an election. We need to make sure that McCain is the clear winner.

The Democrats have a chance to save themselves from complete embarrassment. We need to overtake the house and Senate. That is why they think they are going to win big this year. I say we stop them and prove to them that we should never be overlooked.