Howard Dean and the corrupt DNC came to Pittsburgh last night to work on the Democrat Platform. I was planning to go protest at that meeting but then discovered that Howard Dean was coming to my own neighborhood. Now Why not meet him here with some of my Hillary supporter friends. We met Howard Dean in the ghetto. His face was one of shock because he just knew he was free from PUMA in the hood. He was wrong. I told him that I wanted to make sure he got the message that Obush did not win the nomination and that neitherhe  nor Hillary got enough delegates. She gets to fight it out on the convention floor I have voted in every election.  I volunteer for campaigns and put in a lot of man power and that I would no longer be doing that based on Party as the Party ignored me.  He wanted to call me a Republican but he could tell by the Local Politicians face that I was not a Republican because they were stunned when I said I was no longer a Democrat and though I hadn’t changed officially to Republican I had no incentive to stay in a party that ignored our voices. I also stated that Barry did not earn my vote and therefore I will cast the vote for McCain. I have preconditions on Barry.

I have gotten emails from all the local people asking me not to leave the Party. These folks never get the media attention they are not even paid much for their position. I am not leaving them. I told them that they have nothing to do with the DNC they are not even Supers.

I am proud of my City and my County. I am proud of the fact that we are fighting for democracy.