This article is by people of color who are tired of Obama taking them for color. I am also a person of color. I am African American and I am not giving  him a pass simply because he is also African American. I want answers to my questions. I want to know what he plans to do for the African American communities. I want to know what he is going to do about the issues. I want to know that he plans to do something.

I am not going to fall in line behind him because I am a Democrat nor am I going to fall into line with him just because he is black. I have waited a long time for a black President I can wait a little longer because at this moment in time this black man is not qualified. He is a race horse that the DNC is trying to run to soon if he runs now he will end up with a broken leg and need to be put out of his misery. He will never get a second shot at being POTUS and we will have to wait a long time before either Party allows a black man to run again. They will blame his race when it may not be his race but his racism. He also played dirty with the Clinton’s and that ticked off a whole lot of people. There are lots of reasons to be against Obama most of which is his fault and the fault of the party.

I wonder if the DNC plans to rob both of them out of the nomination.  Well that means that the DNC selects the man who will receive less votes then Obama. DNC you have already lost the majority of true Democrats do not lose the only ones you have left. Don’t piss off everyone.