Barack Hussein Obama flip flopped again this time he doesn’t seem to know what side that he is supposed to be on. He gave a very generic answer. He and his staff had to google the right answer. His supporters and bloggers called McCain a war monger yet the very next day Obama said the exact same thing as Obama. That is not what I need out of a war time President.

Its time for the delegates and super delegates to do their job and elect a person who is ready to lead on day one. It will not be easy to steal a general election. It’s not going to be close on Election day you elect him now when he is beginning to lose by a small amount. That number will rise on election day. I have to tell you as an African American woman I feel really like they know that he is not ready but if they run him and he loses they do not have to ever elect another nominee. I want an African American to become President just not this man at this time. He will not get a second shot at the nomination. He will join the loser club if he runs. He will never be President if he is run right now. Think about all that has come out and how much more will come out. It’s best to take the nomination off of him and give him his second chance. He needs to learn a few more things.

Hillary is ready to lead today. She is the much better candidate. She stumbled early in her Primary but she was able to fix her problems and leaves with the highest popular vote winner in Primary history. She won the Popular vote so of course no one can say she is unelectable. Super delegates and pledged delegates do your job and elect Senator Clinton at the convention or face the death of the Democratic Party in November.