Howard Wolfson did not drink the kool aid. He said that if Edwards would have been caught earlier then Hillary would have won the Primaries. I believe she would have won the Primary had the media done its job and vetted both Edwards and Obama. They failed to do that and wonder why the Democratic party is angry at them. I think Obama blackmailed Edwards. I believe that Edwards is sick of being blackmailed so he confirmed the story. I think the media needs to concentrate on getting these candidates vetted.

Edwards is a dirt bag for cheating on his sick wife. He is also a dirt bag for assisting Obama in destroying Hillary’s character. It seems she has more character then both of those men. This is just one more reason for the Hillary supporters to be angry. What does the media know about Obama that isn’t coming out. What secrets are they hiding perhaps that he is planning on taking over America for his foreign donors. Is it the fact that he is indeed the Whore of Babylon a biblical figure. Who is this man you refuse to vet.