This article explains why so many Hillary supporters are refusing to back the selected nominee. The Media and The DNC joined forces to steal the Primary off of Senator Clinton. The DNC decided they wanted to take the party to the extreme left. The DNC and the media used sexist tactics on Senator Clinton. They allowed an inexperienced man insult the only two term Democrat in my lifetime. I do not understand why the Obamas were allowed to call the Clintons. I do not understand why the DNC gave Hillary’s delegates to Obama. That is why he is selected.  Now they want to deny her a roll call but it isn’t going to happen because we will make sure she gets her name in nomination.

Nothing other then giving Hillary the nomination would make me vote Democrat for the GE. Deny HIllary the role call then we would make sure that not only Obama loses but also the Down ticket Dems. So Dems your choice either Hillary or both chambers of congress and the White House falls into Republican hands.