Governor Rendell is strong arming Hillary delegates not to do their jobs and support Hillary. Governor Rendell betrayed Hillary and deserves to be impeached since he is so busy supporting the thief Obama that he deserves to be impeached. I am not surprised the entire State Democratic Party is a bunch of liars and thieves. They are up for indictment. Now I know why because the Governor is to busy kissing up to the racist Obama. Hillary won the state of PA and if her delegates do not do their job. They will lose their seats and Rendell will be impeached. I am serious. If Hillary is not the nominee and she is robbed of that right then I will make sure I make it my business to get rid of Rendell and his buddy Bob Cassey.

Do your job Rendell the budget needs to be passed and the roads and bridges are in terrible shape. You are so busy campaigning for an incompetent ass hole that you must be a traitor just like that Muslim that he is trying to elect.