I love this article and I love the McCain ads. Obama is doing what Obama does best which is be a big cry baby sissy boy.  McCain is setting the tone of this Presidential election because Obama is an inexperienced jerk. He is getting his ass kicked by the Republicans. This is supposed to be the year for Democrats but of course they blew it by selecting such a big idiot. They thought Hillary supporters would just fall into line behind the idiot they selected but that is not happening. I bet the Down tickets are getting afraid. They should be because if his name is on the ballot in November then all the Democrats will pay the price for the betrayal of the DNC. The DNC stole this election and will lose both the House and the Senate as well as the White House unless Hillary is selected.

Hillary would be wiping up the floor with McCain but of course Obama is the idiot who tried to paint McCain as a racist and McCain let him have it with both guns. I am proud of McCain for the way he is kicking Obama’s ass. I have no intention of voting for Obama period. I do not care who the VP is.