Dictator Obama wants the good people to paint his Islamic symbol on their barns. He thinks he can win the Rural vote even if he couldn’t win them in the Primary. He is a dictator who thinks he can force people to put his sinful symbol on their barns. He is acting like he is some sort of God. He is acting like he is already been crowned king. He is to arrogant and obnoxious to win these voters. They are to American to fall for his line of bull.

I do not see him winning OH or PA or any other state for that matter because once the Republicans make mince meat of this idiot and the Hillary supporters continue to work along with the Republicans to make sure this man does not ever become President of the United States. Once we have control of our party back we will make sure this man doesn’t even continue to serve in the Senate. He is a Muslim who must be stopped from destroying this Country. He wants Sharia law. He wants women in the burk as. You ever see how he forces his wife to dress in those long dresses. He doesn’t deserve to become President. He is very lazy and doesn’t have a brain in his head sort of like George Bush.