Donna Brizille and Al Sharpton have both threatened riots if Obama didn’t win the nomination and the election. I find this extremely racist against black people. They are also ignorant of their history and they are most definitely ignorant about the “hood’s” ability to riot. Not to mention that this is implying to Whites that Blacks cannot lose an election without violence. This is not only not true it’s impossible.

The “hood” has very little men. Their cannot be riots the men are all gone. How do I know? I live in the “hood” and our community is suffering because of the lack of men. Thanks to the gang wars and the Racist Rockefeller law.  A lot of black men are now serving Prison terms or they are dead. The ones that are left are either to old or to young to riot. We do not need outsiders rather they are white or black middle class causing problems.

Another reason why these types of statements by Brizille and Sharpton is a betrayer of  black folks. They make this type of statement it makes Whites feel as though they have to protect themselves with riots of their own. I know Donna and Al have permed their hair to the point that it fried brain cells but let me remind them that any time Whites and Blacks had physical alterations it was not the Black people who came out of it. I point to Rosewood Fl in the early 20Th century. The entire town was wiped out. Now White people do not do that sort of thing anymore but if you threaten them with riots then what do  you think they are going to do. They are going to defend themselves. I just want White people to know that its going to be the black middle class that riots and you should defend yourself with them. Do not worry about the hood it’s not going to happen.

Donna Brizille and Al Sharpton are guilty of inciting a riot. They need to be arrested. They have no power. Al Sharpton is considered a joke in the hood and he is very much disliked. No one in the hood knows Brizille enough to have an opinion. Brizille doesn’t know black people especially the ones in the hood. Al and Donna you do not speak for black people and you are not black leaders.  Obama is going to lose because of his own racism not anyone Else’s .