The DNC and Nancy,Botox, Pelosi has issued an attack on Senator Joe Lieberman because he is supporting McCain. Hello Lieberman was really treated poorly by the Democrats. He had to leave the Party. He became an Independent in 2006 and retained his Senate Seat. He still caucuses with the Democrats. The Democrats need his vote too. The Senate is very close.

Nancy Pelosi has also issued a statement about Hillary supporters bulking at supporting Obama she called us “less then Gracious”. Because we want Hillary to have her name rightfully placed in Nomination.  She deserves it. Her name belongs in nomination. Obama did not capture enough pledged delegates to win the nomination.  She may win or she may not win but she deserves the same shot as the men.

Nancy do not assume I am being less in gracious to a man who told me I was racist. He told me that I was uneducated or we were low information. His supporters called us disqusting names. Perhaps if he hadn’t done that we would be more friendly. He called my Heroine, Senator Hillary Clinton, a b**ch by playing the song “I got 99 problems but the B**ch ain’t one.” He shot her the bird and one of his supporters called her a white whore. I was stunned by the way the media, The Obama campaign, and the DNC treated her and Bill. Yes we are less then gracious. We are also being less then gracious with the DNC also. Perhaps you should have stood up for her during the Primary. You can have all the money in the world backing that man and he is still not going to win and you all know that. You should have called him on his racism. You should have stopped him from ticking off your hard core base. We are angry. We are mad as hell at your silence. Nancy you should have known better but you did nothing. Well Nancy you have a race with two competitors. I am personally hoping you are beat by Dana Welsh because she is better then you and Cindy. Cindy is as Anti Hillary as you are Madame Speaker and if she wants my support she would have to apologize to Hillary for her treatment of Hillary. Nancy you must also pay the price for your greed. It’s time for you to be retired. Your book is not doing well because no female wants to buy a book written by a traitor.