Howard Dean the head of the DNC called the Republican Party the party for white people. A female backer of Senator John McCain spoke out about Dr. Dean’s comments.

I am getting tired of the race card being played. This was code for calling the entire Republican party racist. They put this charge on the Party responsible for appointing the two highest African Americans in history. That would be General Powell and Dr. Rice. Come on Democrats and Obama use another game. This one is getting tired. I am an African American and I am fed up with the way the DNC and the Obama campaign plays the race card.

The DNC knows their selected one is not going to close the deal. He is going to lose because he has less experience then a pea. I don’t get it. He is going to tank and then they will just make the excuse to African Americans that they tried but the racist whites didn’t accept him. Come on folks you know he wasn’t accepted because he and some of his supporters insulted Hillary and her supporters. He is to inexperienced.