This is an article about Obama’s tax plan. He wants to tax the second wage earner which is normally the female 56% of the money. Come on that is clearly a very sexist law. The Women’s Organizations should be screaming from the Mt. Tops. Where are they? Come on women wake up?

I got an email from someone from the Obama campaign this unity email. I wrote them back an no thank you letter. It was signed Women for Obama and I was sickened. Why? Why would any one who seems to despise women. I do not understand so what he is Pro Choice he is not that pro choice as he feels a woman should talk to her husband, brother, preacher, or any other male in her life before she makes that choice. He also thinks Mental illness does not qualify getting an late term abortion. That is insane. No thanks I prefer McCain.

I think McCain is going to win the female vote this year unless the Democrats wake up we are not going to unite with your selected one. You lose us then you lose the race. We are enough to defeat your boy by a landslide. If the Republicans don’t want to win this race then we will bring him down with the Republicans that do want to win. We will defeat Obama.

It’s time for the American People to stand together to make sure this man does not become President he is way to inexperienced. He is going to destroy this Country. Have him come back in 8 years. He may be ready then.