Barack Obama the racist black man picks Joe Biden the racist white man for VP. I always heard that the racist people of all races stick together. I can just imagine them together. They can spread their message of hate together.

Biden of course will blame Obama for their loss because Biden blames everything on the black man and Obama will blame Biden for his loss because Obama blames everything on the White man. Those two should get along nicely.

Not to mention a good bit of Hillary supporters are going to be supporting McCain now because Hillary wasn’t his choice. I personally am glad about that as I didn’t want to vote against her. This just proves that Obama is a total idiot who doesn’t want to actually win the White House.

I hope Hillary ends up with the nomination and since he didn’t pick her when she takes the nomination she can pick someone other then Obama as her VP but she will reach out to the African Americans by picking a black man. She understands the Party Unity thing but Obama doesn’t she will probley pick Obama. I hope she doesn’t but she will.

Hillary getting the nomination right now is the best way African Americans are going to get into the White House as POTUS because Obama is going to blow this big time. The DNC will never allow another black man to run again. I think this may have been the plan all along. They can say we ran a black man and he lost. Never mind that Obama is a race horse that was run to soon and now he broke his leg.