How many Obama supporters does it take to screw in a light bulb?

24 because 12 have to steal the light bulb in the first place like the stupid freaks stole this election. The stupid college kids should be forced to get a real job instead of living off of their mother. I told my young folks that if they support that fraud then they have to move out. They are not going to vote for him and they know better. I think its time for all parents to do this. Throw the bums out of school unless they promise to stop drinking the koolaid. I hate the Obama supporters and cannot wait until their stupid idiot candidate is history.

The other 12 are there to pray to their cult leader the biggest loser in history and his ugly fat wife. I have decided to call Michelle fat and ugly to reply to those stupid Obots who support the crack smoking Obama.

Obama is a crack smoker who has sex with men in limos. At least Bill got a bj from someone of a different gender. His wife Michelle is a fat, ugly dyke who needs her sexist husband to approve everything she does. This woman is an embarrassment to all of us black women.

To all you Obama supporters out there this blog is not for you take your stupid cult following selves out of there. Get jobs and move out of your mamma’s house and let us adults make the important decisions. I am going to suggest that they do not allow the young to vote anymore since they are to stupid to make the right choices.

Obama supporters who are in kindergarten. Go away you hate this country as much as your cult leader. Perhaps if your parents had raised you right we wouldn’t be in this mess. You hate your Mamma’s like Obama does. Poor little Obots Poor little sissy Obama.

That’s what you get you freak of nature.