This story really ticked me off because it proves that Howdy Dowdy stole this election because he wanted a winner on his watch. Well guess what stupid you picked the loser. Your an ugly liar like Obama. You know damn well you hate the Clintons and betrayed them because you are so stupid you couldn’t even win you had like what 39 delegates or some mess like that.

Well I suggest you take a good look at the fucking straw poll bozo and see how well your 50 state strategy is going to work this year. You stupid idiot. How dare you steal my vote? How dare you try to destroy the Clinton’s who would have won the White House. Did you want to destroy both women and black people. You hate black people don’t you because now thanks to you we will never have one. I hope you enjoy your night on November 4Th because you split the party. You are so stupid. You should have let this play out but of course your lover Obama would have had a heart attack. Come on admit it Dean you hate women. You blame all your problems on women. You hate women and black people don’t you? Admit it your a bigot and sexist who destroyed the party forever under your leadership.

You want a winner but your not going to get one. I suggest you look at all the polls why isn’t Obama winning. Why did you allow Obama the asshole to insult a popular two term president the Democrats have had since FDR. Well idiot I hope your happy. You stupid idiot. I am done with the Democrats now never again will I vote for such a racist sexist party. I will only come back to vote for Hillary. I will make sure to call all the Democrats that want my vote this year and tell them that Dr. Dean cost them my vote. I was going to canvas for the Down tickets but not this year. I am telling them all that it is your fault. When the Republicans win again all three houses perhaps you will learn then when all the Democrats spit in your face every time they see you. You split the party you and that sexist racist man who hates America.