John McCain is really reaching out to angry Hillary supporters. They are angry at the way the DNC and the Obama campaign treated Hillary during the election. The Republicans are having a field day with Obama losing the majority of the Democratic Party. He lost over half of the real Democrats and what part of the Party does Obama have? That would be the majority of the African Americans. I have faith in Obama to lose even them before this election is over.

McCain is not stupid. He knows that he will crush Obama with even the 27% of the Hillary supporters that he is getting now. He knows if he can win over the other half of the Hillary supporters then he will have perhaps one of the biggest wins in history. 

McCain and the Republicans have stuck up for the Clinton’s during the Primary. McCain was the lone voice in support of Senator Clinton when one of Obama’s racist friends made fun of her.

Obama believes in killing innocent new born babies. Obama and his wife hate America. They call people who disagree with them racist. They are going to blame his race when he loses but why has he failed to get my vote? He is racist and sexist. He called the Big Dawg racist. I do not vote for people or the party who are mean to the Clintons. This year that would be the Democrats. I have no intention of watching the DNC steal this election.

I will concentrate on working very hard to elect John McCain if Hillary is not the nominee.