An African American Hillary delegate was called an Uncle Tom by a black Obama delegate. He tried to clean it up by saying she misunderstood him. The Hillary supporter told him “Those are fighting words.” He did not try to tell her then that she misunderstood.

The Hillary delegates are getting tired of all the threats. They have been taken to rooms and tortured basically being threatened with their jobs.

Well I am a real thug come threaten me you bunch of punks. Call me an Uncle Tom I dare you and after you punks are picking up your broken teeth from the ground. I will tell you. This whole Primary season has me so pissed off that I will never vote Democrat again except to vote for Senator Clinton.

Party Unity this just proves to the world that their is no Party unity. Obama is going to lose and so will the Down tickets only those that supported Obama will get the ax. It’s not a good idea to tick off the real Democrats you idiots.