Bill Clinton appeared to undermine Barack Obama by asking a simple question. “If you had candidate X who promised you everything you asked for but could not deliver anything or candidate Y who promised you half of everything you asked for and could deliver it all then who would the voter vote for.” I love it. Bill is not going for this Party Unity crap.

I loved the article except for one lie when they said that Big Dawg said that Obama’s candidacy was a fairy tale. That is a lie I heard that speech. He said “My Wife’s opponent always said he was opposed to the war but that is the biggest fairy tale I ever heard.  Since he was elected to the United States Senate his votes have been the same as my wife’s. Gimme a break.” That in no way is racist. Obummers the big cry baby yelled and stomped his feet. That doesn’t make it racist.

This just proves my point that the Democratic Party despite all the retortic is not United it is split in two.  Bill Clinton is angry about the race card being played and is not ready to play nice.