The rumor that the floor vote is a sham to get the Hillary supporters is the latest disaster to befall the Democratic Party. It may actually be the nail in the coffin. I believe I am witnessing the death of the Democratic Party.

I have been a devoted Democrat for 26 years and I have donated money and canvassed for Democratic candidates for President on down. I have been horrified by the fraud and corruption that has overtaken my party this year. I watched as the Democratic party stole delegates from one candidate to give them to the other one. I also saw massive caucus fraud. I have seen a Popular 2 term president get called a racist. I have seen the Media try to destroy a former First Lady and the Democrats let them and her opponent get away with it. Hillary’s supporters were called racists and are still being insulted. I have never seen an election this bad in my life. I know the Party Unity thing is a mask with dead bodies piling up and the group PUMAs.

To me the sham of a floor vote that means nothing just makes me angrier. I will never back Obama now and I am so angry I am not voting Democrat period. My 26 years in the party is now over. The Republicans weren’t mean to Hillary, Bill, or her supporters so why not just join that party. I will only vote for Hillary that is the only Democrat I will vote for in the future.