This article is about how a lot of Hillary’s supporters do not like Obama and do not want to vote for him or will not work for him during the General Election. Hillary did her part to Unite the party now it is Dumbo’s turn. I bet he tries to make the Clinton’s do it. It is his lazy ass’s responsibility to unite the party. He is to lazy and his fat wife is to lazy. I wanted to smack that ugly cow right in her face for the way she smirked all through Hillary’s speech. I guess she thinks Hillary wants her ugly man. I hate to tell Michelle that her man is on the down low. Hillary doesn’t have the right equipment for Obama.

I am one of the people who will not back that racist and sexist pig. I no longer hate him but that is what he is a lying sexist racist man. I prefer John McCain. He needs to unite the party if he cannot do that how is he going to unite the Country.