Senator Hillary Clinton is my heroine. I have supported her since 1992 when she became my heroine. I discovered her at a time when I was young and heading in the wrong direction. I never had a heroine before and I wasn’t impressed by people easily. I honestly can say that I would be in prison right now if it wasn’t for her. I turned my life around because of Senator Clinton and her inspiration. I was proud of her before and that pride has only grown.

I watched in horror as the Republicans and conservative press as well as Chris Matthews tried to destroy her. I watched in horror as they tried to indict her and embarrassed her. I voted against the Republicans because of this.

I was happy when she ran for President because I always felt she would make a great president. I still feel that she will be President. I watched in horror as the Democratic party attacked her, The Obama campaign played the race card on her and Bill. I watched in horror as the MSM committed the worst sexism I had ever seen against Senator Clinton yet no one except for her supporters stood up for her. Yet she never complained she just kept doing what she had to do.

I grew angry and full of rage as I was called a race traitor and told that “I was bringing the brother down.” I grew angry and got into several fist fights with people who called me “Uncle Tom”. I began to hate Obama more then I loved Hillary. I couldn’t watch her on the stump for Obama as I hated her having to endorse him although I knew she had to. I forced myself to watch her speech last night. Sure I screamed McCain 08 every time she mentioned his name. I did feel better after the speech and no longer angry and full of rage. I still will not back Obama but at least I do not hate him. I do not like him and would like to see him go find another line of work maybe he can go back to live with his racist and terrorist friends.

Thank you Senator Clinton I am proud of you and Proud to be your supporter but I have to vote for McCain.