More threats from Obots threatening the Clinton’s I have reported all the threats made to the Secret Service.  I also plan on publishing your email on all of the PUMA blogs and I even sent a copy to your Master’s campaign so he knows what his paid bloggers are up too and explain to the stupid idiot that is why he is going to lose in November.

This one genius who has nothing better to do called me a lesbian because I called Obummers a sexist. First of all who cares what my sexuality is but just to let you know my husband of 24 years is extremely upset. He plans on emailing you himself and letting you know. Well have fun meeting with the Secret Service hun. It’s against the law to threaten a former First Lady of the United States. I am sure you will learn all about homosexual sex in the big house. I said it before and I will say it again. Any death threats to Hillary, Bill, or Obama will be reported to the Secret Service. Any death threats directed to Michelle Obama will be reported to the FBI. I have not received any death threats about the Obama’s but several directed at the Clinton’s. I will also do everything in my power to protect my life from death threats and I will report the online threats to the FBI.