The Obots have begun to attack this blog because they are scared that loser that stole this election is going to lose. They know he is going to win so they are back to sending their hate. Now they are calling me a Republican again. I don’t care because I haven’t changed my party yet but I am certainly thinking about it. I am called an idiot. Me an idiot. They are choosing a man who wants to listen to our phone calls and destroy our great Country but I am the idiot. These people need to get a grip.

Obama is a racist and a sexist. He hates women. He hates America and yet he wants to be President. He and Michelle think they are going to get into the White House. They think that they are going to get reparations. They want to break this Country. He has already said he would stand with the Muslims. That alone should cause him to lose.  I expect the Whitey tape to be released. I expect that he will continue to tank in the polls. Why? He is tanking because he is a loser. He can’t even unite the party.

I cannot wait until November when he will be the biggest loser in history. When that happens then Dean, Pelosi, Brizille, Sharpton, Kerry, Kennedy, and the other communist traitors will be thrown out of the party. The Democratic Party died today and we will just have to wait until November when he is the biggest loser in history. He is an idiot. The Republicans are going to attack him and his ugly wife. She is the most hateful woman on the planet. She is also a whinny timid woman. Hell I am ashamed of her. She is an embarrassment. Cindy McCain got more balls then Michelle Obama.

Now when they lose no one can blame Hillary Clinton. They can blame whomever they want the party will be dead. I do not care we are going to take our party over and then throw some of those communists out. I am disgusted by all this mess. I may actually become a Republican hell if they both cheat to win why not go with the party that wins more often. At least the Republicans cheat the Democrats not other Republicans.