Geraldine Ferraro the first woman on a major Party ticket as VP in 1984 wrote this opinion about what Obama can do to win the women who voted for Hillary in the Primary.

The first group are the PUMAs and Hillary nor Obama can do anything to win these women over because they are angry at the treatment that Senator Clinton got from the media, the DNC, and the Obama campaign itself. They are angry at the Democrats for being silent while all the sexism was going on. They are going to vote McCain, stay home, write Hillary’s name in, or vote for third party candidates.

The Second group are those that are loyal democrats who will vote for Obama because he is the nominee.

The third group including a lot of delegates were not moved by Hillary’s speech. They expect Obama to win them over and if he is to lazy they will vote for McCain. They are angry that he never vetted her or asked her to be his VP. This third group will not vote for Obama unless he works for their vote. They want him to do it not Michelle or Oprah or Hillary or any other woman. They want to hear from him why they should vote for him.  They see John McCain reaching out to them and telling them what he will do for them but they do not see this from Obama. He will have to actually work to get someone vote. Wow! what a concept?