Senator John McCain picked Governor Sarah Pallen from Alaska as his Vice Presidential running mate. This was a good choice on the part of the Senator. She is 44 years old with five children including a baby with Downs syndrome. I am sure that with this choice he is more likely to win. We are going to break the second highest glass ceiling.

The Democrats can no longer say that they are the best party for women. They had their chance to break the highest glass ceiling but they allowed their Nominiee use sexist tactics on Senator Clinton. The Republicans picked a woman for VP when Obama didn’t. McCain had more of a choice for a female VP and Obama could only select one person. The best choice for VP for Obama was Clinton but he blew it. He selected Biden without even vetting Hillary. He is going to lose most of his women now.

Sarah Pallen can also compete with him for the young female voters as she is only slightly older then Michelle Obama. They are both my age 44.

Good Choice McCain.

McCain/Pallen 08