September 2008

I am a lifelong Democrat and never have I been afraid of women losing basic rights under a Republican President. Roe vs Wade yes at one time but our basic rights I was never afraid of that. Now I am terrified that the Democratic Nominiee has no respect for women and in fact thinks of them as “bi^^hes and Pigs. He played “I got 99 Problems and the b^^ch ain’t one” after the Iowa Caucus which he of course stole.  He also called Sarah Palin a pig. He is not someone I am ready to trust with my constitutional rights as an American I certainly don’t trust him with rights as opposed to my gender.

Now he is looking for Actresses to play the Rape/Incest survivor to call attention to the fact that McCain/Palin is pro life. The truth is that McCain believes in abortion in the case of rape and incest. This ad is offensive.

I am a survivor of childhood rape and I will never get over those feelings all the way. I have become a survivor but I still have sleepless nights. This is something women never get over. He is disgusting for turning such a crime into Politics. Shame on you Barack Obama.


Here is another example of how Obama does not have any respect for women. He is trying to reach the Hillary supporters that he has decided to use a Rape Victim in his Ad. This is a terrible idea. He has apparently been meeting with counselors in a Rape Center. I guess he thinks that women would be just very happy to use the most painful experiences of their life in a political ad.

Did Obama promise these centers money or did he threaten them. This punk can do nothing other then threaten women. He is such a low life scum this man gets lower and lower in my eyes every day.

This is a little piece of advice to my Republican blogger friends. Welcome to my class it’s entitled “Battling team Obama 101” Are you ready?

First of all Obama is a mentally ill man who is full of rage against the World in my opinion he has real issues and you can tell that by the way he acts like a two year old.  Obama thinks the World owes him the world simply because he had a tough childhood. I think I can pretty much beat him on the rough childhood thing and I am not a loony woman.

He does not like for people to disagree with them he will call you racist if your Democrat and if your Republican he will say you are swift boating him. He will use his little terrorists to terrorize you. He will encourage them to cross the boundary lines and get into your face. This is the kind of man the Democrats stole this election for.

Finally the Obots and the brand new truth squad will have you arrested if you make an ad opposing Obama. He thinks he is the absolute ruler of this Country but he isn’t. We need to show him the way back to Chicago.

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has come out in defense of his friend Senator McCain. He said that McCain is right that he does not believe in meeting with Iran at the Presidential level. He does support high level talks with Iran without Preconditions but on the Secretary of State level.

Obama said in several debates that he favors talking to Iran without Preconditions. This was a major gaffe and he never really tells us what his position is. I am not sure if this was one of his millions of flip flops.  He is not qualified to be President.

More threats and intimidation stories. Now if there are any anti Obama people on radio or TV. They get calls from angry viewers and they threaten to boycott. Mr. Sexist pig wants to boycott the media that helped him and kissed his little ass. Obama doesn’t want to actually go through the election. He feels it is a waste of time and if he goes back to Washington he may have to actually work for the taxpayer money he is getting for doing nothing but run for President.

Obama just wants us to all bow down to him and make him our absolute ruler. I do not know what planet this man lives on since half the party hates him. He is a big arrogant sexist pig.

Senator Obama and Senator McCaskle have worked to silence people who disagree with Obama and have them arrested or sue them with libel. Who does he think he is? People disagree with politicians all the time. This is why on November 5 Th he is going to take his old sorry behind back to the Senate because he is a Nazi. We are not about to let the Socialists take over this Country. This is the most blatant attempt to take over America and turn it into a dictatorship. Obama must be stopped.

People disagree with politicians all the time. If someone says something about you that is untrue you refute it. You do not silence your critics. You can not possibly expect to win when you silence people. He is really a thug.

I like this article about Sarah Palin and I agree with the entire article. I am a Pittsburgh girl. Pittsburgh is a city full of friendly down to earth people who like good common sense. We are a group of people who may disagree but we’re pretty friendly and under control. We are the blue collar workers and now in Pittsburgh we have a huge Health care Industry here so now we are also Health Care workers.

The article also mentions how the very people who should be celebrating her because she is a woman are silent. The Women’s groups like NOW endorsing Obama is an insult to this woman. They can still endorse Obama but how about we defend Sarah against the sexism in the media and in the Obama campaign. They were silent and useless in the Primary also.

She is a Conservative and that means that she left her gender at the door. She is a feminist and proud of being a female and should be celebrated.

Women’s groups have failed Hillary and they are not even trying to with Sarah. It’s time to stop this. We are all women.

This Pittsburgh girl is proud of Sarah Palin and will support her. However, I will not promise to vote for her in 2012 against Hillary. That doesn’t mean I will not be proud of her.

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