Donna Brizile one of the hijackers of the Democratic Party and was pepper sprayed on the way to cover the Republican National Convention. I laughed my ass off when I read this. It couldn’t have happened to a better person then Donna Brizilla the witch that threatened riots if Obama didn’t win. The only riots that are going to happen is all those foreigners who want to destroy this Country get mad because Obama is going to lose.

Hey Donna we are going to be watching this election closely. We are going to not allow you to steal this election. You stole the Primary and when he loses it will be your fault that this man has killed his career. Perhaps you want to make sure African Americans never break that greatest of ceilings. I for one do not want this idiot anywhere close to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

What were you sucked in by Howard Dean who told you Obama can’t lose. Well his inexperience is going to cost him this election. Perhaps the next time an African American man runs for President you can tell him not to insult 78% of the Population.

I wonder how many democrats you are going to lose this year? I wonder how you are going to keep control over the rank and file democrats in years to come. We are going to take our party back then you will be gone. I also hope that CNN fires you for being a racist. DONNA BRIZILE IS A RACIST. SHE ALSO HATES WOMEN. SHE IS A RACE BAITER WHO THREATENED RIOTS. SHE IS A LOSER. SHE GOT WHAT SHE DESERVED.

Women are still going to break a glass ceiling while black people will do nothing. There is no history in Obama’s candidacy. He is a traitor to this Country he and his wife need to leave this Country since they hate it so much. Just in case anyone wants to call me a racist. I am a proud African American who is fed up with the way Hillary was treated. I am now supporting all female candidates.