Dear Senator Clinton:

I listened to your speech at the Democratic National convention and it inspired me. It also made my resolve a lot harder to break. I have a choice to make in November and it is a decision that I have made based on research and the person getting my vote is McCain/Palin. I knew that back in April while I was campaigning for you.

I tried to like this man but he is so mean and sexist. Why did he play the race card against you and Bill. It is ridiculous. Bill said nothing racist. I am an African American and I know racism when I see it. He has used your gender against you then screamed racism. This man needs to be taught a valuable lesson in the fall. I am sort of glad that you didn’t get this nomination since he split the party. I want you to become POTUS and Yes Senator Clinton it has been about you. You deserved my vote. I know you will do as you say you will do. I know you have this Country’s best interest at heart.

Your party betrayed you and silenced me. The Undemocratic Party which has been hijacked by Move on and other leftist Loonies. I cannot remain a member and from now on I vote for a person not a party. I will return when the following people are gone. George Soros who belongs in prison for attempting to take over this Country. I want Pelosi gone. I want Kerry gone. Richardson and so many other but especially Donna Brizile and Howard Dean and Obama. Obama will be gone come November. He will be a footnote in history just another Democratic loser.

I will wait for you but in the mean time John McCain gave this Country Sarah Palin and the sexism flows from the DNC as well as the media and of course Obama. We will not be silent. The next time you run Senator Clinton the road will be easier.