Sarah Palin spoke tonight at the Republican National convention tonight accepting the nomination for Vice President. She was a smash. She hit Obama hard. I can always tell when the Democrats are worried the increase in Obots to the Pro Hillary/Anti Obama sites preaching Unity. Now I am a sexist. Lol The Democrats haven’t realized that we have moved on right to McCain. McCain got us when he listened to us. Both candidates were asked quite loudly to chose a woman. McCain chose Sarah and Obama chose Joe. Just who listened to us. Obama could have unified the party he chose not to chose Hillary.  McCain listened to us. Who is going to listen to us in the White House. Now Conservatives asked John McCain the Republican nominee to select a Conservative. Sarah Palin is a Conservative. My man John managed to satisfy two different groups by listening to them and pleased them both. Well Done Senator proof you can unite the Country. You have united  your party and pleased a group of Americans who feel abandoned by their party. These two very different groups are now uniting behind McCain. Obama stop talking and start listening.

Well done John McCain you became the next President of the United States on August 29, 2008. I am proud of you as a fellow American.