Senator McCain united his party tonight in a great speech. He introduced his family to America. I am impressed with Cindy McCain and the kids. They have a total of 7 children.

Bridget is an Beautiful African American child the McCain’s adopted. She had surgery for a cleft lip. The more I read about this amazing woman the more I admire her.

One of these two candidates were successful at uniting their party. I believe Senator McCain’s selection of Governor Sarah Palin was the shot in the arms Senator McCain needed with the Conservatives.

Obama was also successful in uniting folks. He did a great job uniting the Hillary supporters most of whom are life long Democrats working with Conservative Republicans. He was supposed to unite them with his campaign but months of insulting Hillary supporters have turned them off and many including me am endorsing John McCain.  I know the Conservative Republicans and the Hillary supporters are uniting because I am experiencing it every day. I am a proud Senior member of the . Sean Hannity mentioned the forum on his radio show and his blog and the Conservatives started blogging there.  We are two very vast group of people. The McCain supporters are much more like a lot of the Hillary people. The Conservatives and the Liberals have been taught to hate each other now they are learning to work together. I think we are learning about each other in a good way. They actually were touched that we reacted to the selection of Sarah Palin a Conservative woman with such joy that worried the Obama campaign and pleased the McCain campaign. We at the forum will speak out against any sexism directed to Governor Palin by the media and the Obama campaign will result in big complaints. He risks losing more women and Hillary supporters who may remember the sexism that our girl suffered during the Primary. We will remember which party defended Hillary Democrats do not come out the winner.

Sean Hannity also dispelled the myth that we are Republicans because he read our site. He knows that we are a grass roots movement. Our movement has made people rethink the way they view Hillary Clinton. I think there is a whole new respect for Hillary by the Republicans. They will not vote for her because they disagree with her but they will have a whole new respect for her.  Perhaps the Conservative men saw Hillary Clinton and say “yes she can become President.” Perhaps when they saw Sarah Palin they thought the same way and they really reacted strongly to Palin’s choice. They will never say so but I think that Hillary’s historic bid impressed the opposing party but not anyone in her own party.  We celebrated that together.