Oh my poor poor pitiful Barack is being overshadowed by a little women. He thought he got rid of two uppity women and now he has to do it all over again but this time this Uppity woman has an entire party to protect her. She also has the Protection and support of a lot of women including former Hillary supporters. He is so worried about this that he is dispatching Hillary Clinton to Florida. I wish she would stay away from him. He is a disaster and should get his own women.

Sexism sells Senator Obama but we ain’t buying. Your losing women because you insulted them and then you never even vetted Senator Clinton. McCain made the right choice. Obama and his sexist minions began attacking Sarah Palin right away.

I personally don’t care who campaigns for that man I will not go to see him. I am supporting a female in this election. I am going to make history and I am going to vote for the female. Sorry Barry. I hope you enjoy your career ending moment. It couldn’t happen to a nicer fellow.