This article is very good. McCain and Palin are Maverick and reformers. They have taken on their own party. McCain insisted that the Republicans fight the war with a surge designed to protect the troops and decrease violence. He also took on campaign fiance as well as immigration not the issues the Republicans usually fight for. Palin took on oil companies as well as corrupt politicans in the Republican party.

Obama well he is just another fake corrupt politican. He is just another Chigico thug politican. He thinks he is so tough. He took part in the very corrupt Primary of 2008. He used thug like behavior and his forign fund raisers have bought off other Politicans. The DNC and Obama are going to be punished in November and the DNC will either be back in the hands of the Clintons are a civil war will break out.

Democrats and Republicans will work together to make sure that the DNC and Obama never see 1600 PA Avenue. We Democrats will then reform our party and return it to the hands of the Clintons.