John McCain and Barack Obama were both given conditions for their votes by a large group of Hillary supporters. These are the women who have questions about Barack Obama and were angry at the hijacking of the Democratic Party by the left wing loonies. They asked both campaigns to pick a woman as VP and to appoint half of their positions in their cabinet to females. We did not ask for a certain type of female. We just wanted a woman. This opened up the door for both Parties to do the right thing.

Obama and his campaign laughed loudly in the women’s face. They were leaning Obama but now they are not with him anymore. They are firmly with the Obama campaign. Obama didn’t think he could find 10 positions for qualified women. This is a joke right or does he not want our votes.

McCain nor his campaign laughed at our half of Hillary supporters. He listened to us and didn’t say yes or no. On August 29, 2008 Big Mac didn’t say anything he just made Sarah Palin his VP choice. That showed me and millions of women that McCain listens and Obama doesn’t.

I do not want to hear about men being on the right side of the issue and that we should not support Sarah. Well I choose a different route. I am sorry but Gloria Steinem and the rest of the silent so called women’s groups insult our intelligence alone with the men. They were quiet when the sexism happened to Hillary because the guilty party was a Democrat and the Party. We couldn’t have them damaged for some trouble making woman. I picture them saying this since they did nothing for Hillary. I am not going to allow what happened to Hillary to happen to Sarah.