Sarah Palin can do whatever she wants to do and should not be told by the MSM and the Democratic Nominiee that she cannot be vice President because she has five kids one of which has Down syndrome. I have six kids myself and have worked their entire life. Are the Democrats trying to say that only women who have a small amount of children or perhaps no children should be the only ones allowed to work. This hardest of glass ceilings are being blocked by the Democratic Party. The Party that allowed on of its most loyal members to be disrespected. The Feminists were quiet at this slate because it was a Democratic party and Nominiee who was being so sexist. Now they don’t have to protect Sarah because she is a Republican and she has to many children. I thought the women’s movement was supposed to be protective of all women.

This blog and several PUMAs will protect Sarah and I am proud to say the Republicans are sticking up for Sarah. Shame Hillary didn’t get the same respect from her party.